In a shopping center, when a customer feels comfortable he stays longer and tends to buy and spend more. OptimVent giant ceiling fans in shops and shopping centers provide thermal comfort to customers by moving a significant amount of air at low speed with a low energy and investment cost.

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Our HVLS fans, with diameters from 2.5 to 7m, bring a plus of efficiency and comfort to commercial spaces. They work in combination with the air conditioning in such a way that they provide comfort and energy savings.

On warm spring and autumn days, the HVAC system does not need to work at low set point temperatures. Thanks to the OptimVent fans, the air conditioning system works only on indoor air renewals, the fans, for less than 1 euro a day, thanks to the breeze effect they generate, give thermal comfort to the customers.

In the summer, OptimVent’s giant fans help with the air conditioning by helping to recirculate the air inside and adding to the breeze effect. This saves up to 25 % in the summer months as the set temperature can be several degrees higher.

Winter is the time when OptimVent fans are the best companions for HVAC systems. With their ability to move large quantities of air at low speed, they mix the warm air that accumulates at altitude, making the temperature of the entire room homogeneous. The set point temperatures of the air conditioning system do not have to be so high and the comfort of the customers is achieved by saving up to 45% in air conditioning costs.

Thanks to their IP 65 protection rating against dust and water, OptimVent fans can be used outdoors, in patios and on terraces, providing comfort for customers, with the full guarantee of operation in optimum conditions. This, together with the fact that our motors are Direct Drive (brushless) and EC type (without frequency converter), gives our fans a long life, reducing maintenance to a minimum.

OptimVent’s giant HVLS fans are the perfect companion for air conditioning in shopping centers and shops, providing comfort to customers and saving on energy bills.

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Contact our expert team and we will be able to solve all your doubts, but in the meantime, we have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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