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One of the main applications of OptimVent HVLS fans is to improve thermal comfort in non-air-conditioned spaces. When the heat arrives, the problems of thermal discomfort begin, such as decreased production and increased risk of accidents.

The solution is found in HVLS fans that move large volumes of air at low speed, creating an air cushion that covers large spaces. The generated breeze effect provides a thermal sensation up to 6°C less.

Another great quality of OptimVent fans is the heat exchange with the outside through the Free Cooling effect.

In reverse mode and thanks to the large volume of air they move, the fans extract warm air from the interior and force cold air from the outside through exudates, windows and doors. This lowers the interior temperature by several degrees.

In churches and places of worship it will no longer be necessary to put the air conditioning on so many days a year. The thermal comfort of up to 6 °C less, the operating cost of less than 1 euro per day and the silence while running make OptimVent fans the perfect solution for places of worship.


The ability to move large volumes of air makes OptimVent’s giant fans the perfect tool to prevent loss of productivity when heat and humidity appear.

In the case of people, studies show that employee productivity decreases when the temperature exceeds 21°C.

OptimVent’s HVLS fans remedy the loss of productivity due to heat and humidity by increasing the wind chill to 6°C and exchanging heat with the outside through the free coolingeffect .

In factories, logistics centers, workshops and any non-air-conditioned work space, fans improve the wind chill and indoor air quality, reduce the risk of accidents and prevent reduced productivity.

On livestock farms, heat produces high levels of stress reducing production dramatically. Fans improve the level of thermal comfort and reduce the stress of the livestock by increasing productivity by up to 30%.

In large sports areas, in gyms and in crossfit boxes , air-conditioning is not a solution within reach. It is an expensive investment with high operating costs. For less than 1 euro a day, giant ceiling fans provide a space with healthy, fresh air and thermal comfort suitable for sports use. Our giant fans are the perfect solution for not losing users to heat.


In air-conditioned systems, the giant OptimVent fans put the heat or cold where it is needed, saving up to 45% of air-conditioning costs.

When a space is air-conditioned with hot air, temperature layers or strata are formed. The hottest air stays on the ceiling and the coldest on the floor. For every meter you climb in height, the air temperature increases by 0.5 to 1°C.

This is the big problem that traditional air conditioning cannot solve and that is why thousands of euros are lost in heat in air that will never be used.

OptimVent HVLS fans are the perfect match for any air conditioning system in both winter and summer. In both cases, savings in air conditioning bills are achieved, ranging from25% in summer to 45% in winter.

By moving large quantities of air at low speed, the fans manage to mix all the air reaching a homogeneous temperature throughout the installation. The mixed air allows to modify several degrees the set point temperature. Each degree saved achieves an 8% energy saving.

That’s how easily OptimVent fans avoid wasting thousands of euros in air-conditioning costs and with the savings achieved, they pay for themselves within a few months.

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